Spi-Sun Simulator™ 3500SLP


Offering Class AAA performance, Spire Solar’s Spi-Sun Simulator™ 3500SLP provides short- and long-term stability over the full lifetime for spectral, spatial and temporal uniformity. The system features a proprietary filtered light source that closely matches the solar spectrum while avoiding excessive solar module heating caused by continuous steady state sources. Additionally, it provides a broad range of user selectable irradiance levels to measure performance in varying light conditions.

Spire Solar’s Spi-Sun Simulator™ 3500SLP can test crystalline or thin film modules and can be integrated into module production lines at any level of automation. In a fully-automated production line, the automation option provides consistent module testing and offers optional loading and unloading of modules. In a manual line, the controls can be customized and operated as desired. The simulator’s small footprint and compact size permit installation in most facilities without special height or weight restrictions.

Features & Benefits

  • High throughput - 30 second continuous typical cycle time
  • Superior repeatability ( ≤ 0.5%) provides the foundation for long-term simulator stability and “matching” of simulators across multiple plant locations
  • Class A performance (spectral, spatial, and temporal) - exceeds IEC 60904-9 standards
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty allows tighter power binning
  • Pulse widths up to 100ms enable accurate power measurement of high efficiency silicon, thin film and multi-junction modules
  • Low profile design with small footprint integrates easily into any production or test environment
  • Long lamp lifetime (>100,000 module tests) and rapid lamp change do not affect spectrum and minimize downtime
  • Seamless integration with the Spi-Module QA for fully automated final testing*

* Sun simulation, high voltage isolation, ground continuity testing, and label printing